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Return To Google From Your Personal Data

Return To Google From Your Personal Data
Facebook Is Surrounded By Data Controversy.

There is also a risk of leakage on your data in Google. Google also collects your data. And we will tell you the whole process using which you can download your data, which Google selects

Google is the world's largest search engine. Most people use Gmail. Google knows everything from your location to your name, gender, birth date, personal mobile number, what you are searching for.

If you have been using Google for a long time and are an Android user, Google knows your resume details.

Go to google.com/takeout. Here you can download everything from your documents in Google Drive to YouTube, in just seconds of calculation. What you have bookmarked, from your pictures to location and activity all will be downloaded.

- Go to google.com/takeout and click on the Next button.

-Then click on Create Archive.

This way you will get all your data.

This process can take time if you want to download data from Google. The best option is to download the same data that you want to see. You will get all this data through one mail.

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