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About GEDA

GEDA (Gujarat Energy Development Agency), one of the premier organizations and a forerunner in India has been working in the field of renewable energy development and energy conservation. GEDA is shouldering the responsibility of  a state nodal agency (SNA) for the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy Sources (MoNRE) and the state designated agency (SDA) for Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). 

GEDA has played a pioneering role in the development of a long-term renewable policy and implementing of sustainable energy programmes across the state. GEDA’s challenge has been to make the renewable energy and energy efficient technologies economically and commercially viable. GEDA was catalytic in the formation of the Commission of Additional Sources of Energy (CASE) in 1981, which later became the Department of Non-conventional Energy Sources (DNES) in 1982 and a full-fledged Ministry- MNES (Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources) in 90s, which is now the MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy).   The model was then replicated to establish similar state nodal agencies in other states through out the country.

The renewable energy promotion and popularization programmes in the state have crossed the over 3 decades of untiring efforts and pioneered several sustainable initiatives; many of which are the country’s first. GEDA has virtually been the crucible, the melting pot of ideas to ‘check out’ renewable sources of energy as alternatives to conventional fuels. The convenient green-n-clean actions in these direction and milestones achieved have set the pace for Renewable Energy Development in India. 

Credit ans Source : www.geda.gujarat.gov.in

About a battery powered vehicle,

 Let's save petrol and protect the environment.

 battery powered vehicle and ride cheap and safe with clean air.

Shri Nitinbhai Patel, Hon'ble, Deputy Chief Minister, Gujarat

 What will you do to get the benefit of the year 2020-21 Choice of Battery Powered Drive 

Vehicle Choice?

 Who can apply?

 Where the application form will be available

 In Gujarat state schools, Std.  8 to 12 and students studying in college, only one application per student.

 Dealers of authorized manufacturers and Jaida's website geda.gujarat.gov.in

 1, Bonafide Certificate, (Year 2020-21) - Original or scanned copy or self-certified copy of previous year's marksheet Copyof self-certified student's Aadhaar card  Certificate of Scheduled Caste Scheduled Tribe Divyang Garb / Extremely Poor / Non-Reserved Class Economic Backwardness issued by the competent authority of the student

 Self-certified copy (if applicable)  Self-certified copy of driving license (for battery operated high speed vehicles).

 The application form has to be submitted to the JDA office by December 31, 2020 after selecting the manufacturer and model.  Coefficient of examination obtained in the next year, Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe,

 Women, the disabled, the poor declared under the socio-economic survey,

 Economically backward students of extremely poor and non-reserved classes

 Rs.  12,000/ - per vehicle

 The vehicle will be credited to the bank account of the eligible student by JADA as per the terms of the scheme after purchase.


 Gujarat Energy Development Agency (JEDA), Gandhinagar Phone No: 07-9-2 and approved manufacturer

 What are the details to be provided with the application?

 Who has to submit the application form?

 Priority standards

 How much subsidy is available from the state government in this regard?  How to get the benefit of subsidy ?

 Authorized manufacturer of vehicles, models, maximum prices, so where will their dealers information be available?