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Gujarat Police Bharti 2021-22

Gujarat Police Bharti 2021-22 

Class-II armed / non-armed constable-Lokarakshak and SRPF in Gujarat Police Force. Only online applications are invited by the Lokarakshak Recruitment Board to fill the vacancies in the constable cadre through direct recruitment. Candidates fulfilling the qualification as per the existing provisions of recruitment rules and examination rules of all these cadres and wishing to do so from 01/10/2021 (12.00 noon) to 31/10/2021 (11.5 hrs at night). In the meantime, go to the website https://ojas.gujarat.gov.in and apply online by going to the page of "Police Recruitment Announcement". Candidates should read the recruitment information and instructions from the above website carefully before applying online. Candidates will have to delete the printout after confirming the online application and keep it with them when requested

Official Website : https://ojas.gujarat.gov.in/

Then have to be presented. Candidates should take special note that application forms sent by post or in person will not be considered.

If not applied as per the online draft, the details given in the application are incomplete

If inconsistent, the applications of all such candidates will be declared invalid if the general category candidate has not paid the fee within the time limit.

(Ii) The candidate has to scan and upload the application in the application form in JPG format so that the image of his color passport size photo does not exceed 15 KB and the signature image does not exceed 15 KB. The detailsdetails

Merit of candidates for document verification is decided keeping in view the following marks

Marks obtained in Physical Ability Test

Marks obtained in written examination

N.C.C. Special marks obtained on the basis of "C" certificate

On the basis of certificate of National Defense University / Raksha Shakit University

Special marks to be obtained Special marks to be obtained on the basis of valid sports certificate Special marks for a widow

Approximately 2 (twice) of the vacancies will be called for document verification on the basis of merit by adding the above mentioned marks. Based on which the final selection list will be prepared by the board.

Hindi / Gujarati / as per government rules / orders applicable to candidates

English language training / other departmental training / pre-service training and training will have to be given and passed. (12.3) The selected candidates will be appointed in the armed / non-armed constable-lokarakar cadre as per the prevailing orders for the first five years on contract basis with fixed monthly salary as per the terms of the contract. At the end of the contract, the person who completes the satisfactory service will be appointed in the regular pay scale.

Candidates selected from all the above cadres are subject to their contract

Obtaining license for light motor vehicle / heavy motor vehicle during the period

S.R.P. Candidates selected for the post of Constable (State Reserve Police Force) will be appointed on contract basis with fixed monthly salary during the training period and after completion of satisfactory training will be appointed on regular pay scale. Candidates selected in this category will have to obtain a license for Light Motor Vehicle Heavy Motor Vehicle within two years.

In the category of Constable-Lokarakshak, the Finance Department of the Government, Gandhinagar, as per Resolution No .: Expenditure / 2009/4 / Part-3 / Z.1 of Dt. 15/01/2018, during the period of contract, monthly Rs. No fixed salary as well as any other allowance fixed by the Government, only fixed salary as "Lokrakshak" will be payable from that salary and will complete the job satisfactorily during the contract period.

So who will be eligible for regular appointment in the pay scale as per the rules of the then government.

Appointment to the following posts in the posts of Constable-Lokarakshak cadre will be available.

Unarmed Police Constable (Male Female) Armed Police Constable (Male / Female) SRPF Constable (male)

Candidates should download their collateral for document verification

Preference must be stated. Which take into account and the merit of the candidate

The cadre of choice will be decided keeping in view.

Once a preference has been given, it will not be changed under any circumstances. The decision of the board in this regard will be final. (12.5) Existing nine enhanced pension schemes applicable to all candidates who are appointed

If the details given by the candidate in the application form are found to be incorrect at any stage, legal action will be taken against him. As well as revoking his subscription

The Board / Government shall have the full right and authority to do so if there is a need to cancel or change the advertisement for any reason.

The Board / Government is not bound to give reasons for this.

After the deadline for accepting the online application, the next recruitment process such as physical ability test / physical measurement test information, written test information, document verification information and other necessary information from time to time https://ojas.gujarat.gov.in Will be placed on the web site or on the website of the recruitment board. So be aware of that.

One Candidate One Application (No Multiple Application) One candidate can apply only one application. However, in case of multiple applications, only the last confirmed application will be considered valid, all other applications will be rejected and the fee paid will not be refunded.

General Administration Department of the Government for reserved seats for women,

Gandhinagar Resolution No .: CRR / 102/313 / GR dated 7/09/18, Resolution No: CRR / 103/412 / G6 (Part-1) dated 11/11/2017, Dt. 05/09/ The provisions of Resolution No. 2020: CRR / 102/314 / G will be applicable.



As per the provisions made in SERVICE RULES, 1975 and from time to time amendments, ex-servicemen are defined by the Central Government / State Government as per norms and ex-servicemen's identity cards have been issued by the concerned District Soldier Welfare Offices of Gujarat till the last date of online application. Will be treated as the same ex-soldier.

Educational Qualification, Computer Knowledge, Age, Gender (Category - General, SC, ST, SEBC, EWS), Ex-Serviceman, SEBC Details filled in the online application will be finalized for the entire recruitment process on the basis of Non Criminal Certificate, Eligibility Certificate for EWS, NCC 'C "Certificate, National Defense University / Raksha Shakti University Certificate, Sports, Widow and other matters. When the board asks for certificates and evidence in support of the details given in the online application, the candidate has to submit the original (including certified Xerox copies).

Submission of the candidate to change the category (caste), date of birth, educational qualification or any other details mentioned in the application form later will not be accepted. The Board's decision will be final if there is any discrepancy between the category (race), date of birth, educational qualification or any other details mentioned in the online application and the actual category (race), date of birth, educational qualification or any other details of the candidate.

Candidate should keep the same mobile number which he shows while filling the application form. In future instructions regarding this recruitment process from the board will be sent to the candidate via SMS on this number. So it is suggested not to change the mobile number.

If convicted or declared guilty of violating any instruction given in the admission letter allowing for recruitment process.

In addition to being subject to criminal proceedings -

(A) the Recruitment Board may disqualify the candidate, or (b) the State Government may permanently or for a specified period disqualify / exclude from any of the jobs under it.

If a candidate has ever been disqualified by Gujarat Public Service Commission or other Public Service Commission or other government / semi-government / government owned institutions and the period of disqualification continues, the application of such candidate will be automatically canceled. Even if a candidate has been selected in this regard, it will be eligible for cancellation.

The amendments from time to time in the resolutions / rules / circulars mentioned in the advertisement / instructions should also be taken into consideration. Any controversy regarding this announcement

In case of any dispute regarding the interpretation, the basic provisions of the recruitment rules / circulars / resolutions promulgated by the Government in the matter of recruitment shall be final. However, if any question arises regarding the interpretation in this matter, the decision of the Secretary, Home Department, Gandhinagar will be final. Which will be binding on the applicant. These recruitment rules / circulars / resolutions mentioned in the above paragraph number (2) are from the web site of the Home Department of the Government http://home.gujarat.gov.in as well as the General Administration Department.