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I-Khedut Mobile Sahay Yojana

The scope of digital service in agriculture is increasing day by day.  In the field of agriculture, following Douglas, farmers started using IT.  Through the use of technology, new farms are increasing their income by adopting the latest technologies.  Smartphones for information such as weather forecast, rain forecast, potential pest infestation information, farmer useful publications, latest farming methods, pest control techniques, information on agriculture department assistance schemes and online application for assistance in agriculture department schemes.  Being used.  The smartphone can easily be in the hands of the user, exchanging messages like photographs, e-mails, texts and multimedia.  Numbers (1) and (2) read for the purpose of buying smart mobile phones with features like digital camera, multimedia player, GPS, touch screen, web browser, internet connectivity etc. and for the purpose that farmers of the state can use the technology through smartphones  The proposal made by the Director of Agriculture in the above letters to assist the farmers of the state in purchasing smartphones was under consideration of the Government.

 Resolution: At the end of the adult deliberation, it is decided to give administrative sanction to spend Rs. 1500.00 lakhs (Rs. One thousand five hundred lakhs in the year 2021) as a new matter under the scheme of providing assistance on smartphones purchased by the farmers of the state.

 (1) Scheme Assistance Matter:

 Under the scheme of providing assistance on the smartphone purchased by the farmer, the farmer will be eligible for assistance up to Rs. 15000 / - from the purchase of one smartphone.  In which the farmer will be entitled to 10% of the purchase price of the smartphone or Rs. 1500 / - whichever is less.  E.g.  A farmer earns Rs.  If you buy a smartphone worth Rs.  500 / - or Rs. 1500 / - whichever is less i.e. Rs.  500 / - is eligible for assistance and if any farmer pays Rs.  If he buys a smartphone worth Rs. 15000 / -, he will get Rs.  1500 / - or Rs.  1500 / - whichever is less i.e. Rs.  1500 / - is eligible for assistance.
 This assistance will be for the purchase of smartphones only, other accessories for the smartphone such as battery back up device, ear phone, charger etc. may not be included.  The benefit of this scheme will be available to all farmers holding land in the state.  Under this scheme
 (2) Eligibility of Beneficiary:

 Even if the account holder farmer has more than one account, the assistance will be available only once.  Joint

 In the case of accounts, the farmers benefit only one of the account holders mentioned in 3-A of their land


 (2) Beneficiary's method of application:

 Under the scheme, farmers will have to apply online for assistance under smartphone purchase on i-khedut portal.  The applicant farmer will then have to print out the application and keep it with him.

 (3) Procedure for verification of applications and determination of eligibility: Extension Officer (Agriculture) / Taluka related to the application received from the applicant on i-khedut portal.

 The eligibility status of the applications under the scheme will have to be updated regularly from his logged in account in the i Khedut portal after regular verification by the enforcement officer to determine the eligibility of the application.  In case of change in eligibility status, it can be done in 15 days with the approval of the District Agriculture Officer.  The District Agriculture Officer will have to record the reasons for approving such changes.

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