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Self-Declaration instead of Affidavit

Matter of implementing the process of Self Declaration by canceling the process of affidavit for services provided under various departments of the State Government.

The State Government is committed to make the services available to the citizens more convenient and faster. The various departments of the State Government have been periodically introducing reforms in the manner of obtaining services as part of the ongoing process of administrative reform. Now that most of the services have become available to the citizens through online, mobile app, public service center, digital service bridge, the state government is committed to make the process of accessing services even easier.
. Affidavits are taken to ensure the veracity of the information provided by the applicant in the personal services provided by the State Government. As part of the administrative reform process, the government should consider self-declaration as part of the process by eliminating the need for affidavits in all cases except where required by law or regulation from the process of obtaining government services for the purpose of making public services faster available and facilitating the process. Was under Resolution:
At the end of the adult deliberation, the State Government decides to implement the process of Self-Declaration in the sense of authenticity of documents instead of affidavit for details with application for services rendered under various departments of State Government. The process of self-declaration is subject to the following conditions:

9. In case the Central or State Government has decided to issue an affidavit as per the Act or Rules or Regulations, it will be necessary to obtain a Self-Declaration in place of the affidavit in all the services except to continue taking the affidavit.

. The process of reviewing their services by all the departments of the state government and establishing laws, rules or regulations, from all the services except the service channel (online, through app, public service center, directly / through etc.) Must be completed by 01/202.

3. Self-Declaration instead of Affidavit by National Informatics Center (NIC) (in all services related to race) on behalf of State Government Departments for the services provided under our Taluka Vibrant Taluk (ATVT) / Janseva Kendra / Digital Seva Setu. ) The process of substituting the form should be completed by 10/01/207.