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Gujarat Election News

Gujarat Assembly Election 2022

Election Commission of India (hereinafter ECI) is 
committed to conduct free, fair, participative, accessible, inclusive
and safe election to the Legislative Assembly of Gujarat before the 
cessation of its term, in exercise of the authority and powers 
conferred upon under Article 324 read with Article 172 (1) of the 
Constitution of India and Section 15 of the Representation of the 
People Act, 1951. 

1. Electoral Rolls-
Commission firmly believes that pure and updated electoral rolls 
are the foundation of free, fair and credible election. Hence, intensive and sustained focus is placed upon improving its quality, 
health and fidelity. After the amendment in the Section 14 of the 
Representation of the People Act, 1950 by the Election Laws 
(Amendment) Act, 2021, the provision of four qualifying dates in a 
year is available now. Accordingly, Commission has conducted the 
Special Summary Revision of Electoral Roll in Gujarat with 
reference to 01.10.2022 as the qualifying date. Earlier, such 
revision of roll was conducted with reference to the 1st January of 
the year. Due to this change, all such young electors who attained 
the age of 18 years between 1st January, 2022 and 1st October, 
2022 got the chance of enrolment and to use their voting right in 
this election. After time-bound completion of Special Summary 
Revision of Electoral Rolls with reference to 01.10.2022 as the 
qualifying date, the final publication of electoral roll has been done 
on 10th October, 2022.