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Gnan Sadhna Scholarship Gujarat

Gnan Sadhna Scholarship The state government has announced a scholarship scheme for the students of Gujarat. Gnan Sadhna Scholarship has been announced for the bright stars of the state. This new scholarship scheme will be beneficial to make the student's education more effective. The implementation of this scheme will start from the academic year 2023-24
Registration : http://gssyguj.in/

Have studied consecutively in government or unaided primary schools in class 1 to 8 and have completed class 8 and the right to free and compulsory education of children under the RTE Act, 2000 212 underprivileged children of 14 years of age from weaker sections and Panchat groups who have completed continuous studies from class-1 to class-8 in 2 independent schools under the guidance of Mahant Education within the limit of 25% of the class size in Narbha2 schools and the income of the parents of both types of students Gyan Saghana Scholarship Examination At the time bright students from among the students whose income is below the prescribed income limit for admission under Section 12 (1) (c) of the ATE Act, 59 are selected on the basis of merit from among the Vanirbhar2 schools as per the norms prescribed by the State Government affiliated to all the Boards functioning in the State. The matter of giving scholarship to such brilliant students of Gujarat State was under consideration of the State Rarkarshree so that they could get admission in Class-9 and get education up to Class-12.


As indicated in the final publication of mature consideration of the present matter, the implementation of the new scheme of selecting bright students and giving them scholarships for studies in secondary and higher secondary schools from class 9 to 12 as per the norms laid down by the State Government is defeated subject to the following conditions. .

Name of the Scheme – The name of the scheme will be 'Gnan Sadhna Fellowship Scheme'.

Benefits of the Scheme – By admitting 25,000 bright students every year, they will receive Rs. 2,000 and per annum during studies from Class - 11 to 12

Rs. 25,66) Mr. 2Coship will be given